Our Goal is to generate awareness and donations to Enhance our children's school experience in Red Wing.
Money donated by community members, parents, and alumni is targeted to specific classroom projects and experiences as well as grade-wide programming and materials.

While the district's budget  covers the necessities of running our schools, it has been our honor to solicit requests in the form of grants to teachers who want to offer our kids additional opportunities.
Teachers are making a daily difference in lives of our students, and many of them identify ways that they can offer our kids more.
More field trips, hands on experiences, curriculum-boosting materials....
more of the good stuff that can enrich our childrens' school experiences.

Please click on Learn About the Grants, Student Field Trips and Teacher Showcase tabs to read how this foundation is working for our students this year.
We are pleased to partner with the Jones Family Foundation to identify needs in our public schools.

Donations can be made to Red Wing Public Schools Foundation at