How does it work? Each year, teachers in the district are invited to request funding in the form of a written grant. They propose ways to add to curriculum, their classroom, technology, or anything they think could enhance the experience of their students. The granting process involves a series of interviews with principals as well as taking the time to understand the impact of each request. Our donors entrust us with the job of targeting their money directly into classroom programs that will have an immediate effect on our students.
We take that seriously.

Look What Foundation Grants Have Brought to Our Schools.. a partial and impressive list...

Annual trip for all Kindergarteners to Hok Si La
--- Nature programming
Elementary field trip to Minnesota Zoo
--- Second grade teachers apply MN state standards for Science into curriculum
Calculators and gadgets for specific math ---Graphing calculators allow students to explore higher level math concepts
6th Grade Trip to Children's Theatre
--- Students experience on of the best theater experiences in the country for kids
Anti-bullying book library
---Burnside students learn how to address bullying issues by reading a book series
Third Grade Rocket Launch
--- This is a highlight of third grade, and the tradition lives on with grant money.
Document Cameras for Burnside
--- This device allows teachers to project books, student papers, and images on a classroom screen, creating an opportunity to share resources, read along, or show student work
English Language Learner books with CDs
--- Kathy O'Leary has introduced Hispanic students and their parents to this library of books written in English with audio CDs that allows them to follow along at home.
Macalester Master Drummers
--- Grechan Anderson reports that the Africa drumming unit she teaches is a highlight of the fourth grade curriculum. A grant will allow her to take her students to see an Africa Music Ensemble performance at Macalester College.
Audio Readers at the Middle School
--- Julie Martin and Terri Cobian report that students who are still struggling with reading skills are motivated to follow along with audio readers. A library and access to a web site allows these students to read the latest "it" books that peers are reading and talking about.
Local Author Jacqueline West Visit Middle School
--- Many students have read her best-selling books. A chance to hear from a local author who has found success in publishing is a great opportunity to inspire young authors.

Biz Town
--- This is the second year the 5th grade has participated in this tremendous experience. A month of curriculum supports and culminates in a field trip to the simulated town of Biz Town, where students spend a day emmersing themselves in running a town. Parent volunteers and students report that this has been a valuable addition to their school experience.

Ipads for "flipped" classroom
--- Chad Bray is teaching math "upside down" at the high school, by assigning students to watch his recorded lecture outside of the classroom. This allows him to dedicate classroom time to questions and work. Ipads will enable students to access the lectures while in the classroom.

AP Language Arts and Theater Students trip to Twin Cities Theater event and tour
--- For many students, this opportunity to see live theater in the cities is a first. Behind the scenes tours and a chance to study the play before seeing it add to the experience.

I Go!
--- Last year, the Environmental Learning Center coordinated efforts with the school district to provide an "Introduction to the Great Outdoors." Using the ELC  philosophy of hands-on emmersion of a topic, Each 5th grade student chose an outdoor activity, ranging from rock climbing to nature photography, Canoeing and kayacking to hiking, and even spelunking. Students learned about all the events through sharing in the classroom. By replacing the Eagle Bluff program, we were able to involve our own local ELC, offer a more immersive expereince for each student, and save significant money that was needed for busing to Lanesboro.

Lynn Dulak's Musical Experience
--- This has become a favorite experience for our first graders. Lynn provides an "artist-in-residence" week-long experience for first graders.
Kindergarten Readiness Kits
--- These kits are offered to in-coming students to help them prepare for their first days at Sunnyside.
Kindergarten Boot Camp
--- For four days in August, a select number of students and their parents met at Colvill Family Center to prepare for the challenges ahead. Program director Jill Kenyon explained that the more students who enter Sunnyside prepared to learn, the more success a classroom will have throughout the year.
--- An online educational video site accessible to students 24/7. Every household with a middle school student has access to this dynamic, interactive learning tool. A variety of education topics spanning all standards are available, from sciences and technology to literature and current events. Short animated videos cover an impressive amount of information in a short 2-4 minute video. On-line quizzes and activities can be printed out, and help with comprehension.
Frames for Student Artwork
--- Many students are producing exceptional artwork. The art teachers requested frame that could be re-used, to display student work. Last year, the foundation proviced moveable displays. with both these items, young artists can recieve the acknowledgement they deserve, while inspiring other students to explore their own artistic side.
First Robotics
--- Teacher Josh Nelson identified the robotics competition held at the University of Minnesota last year as an ideal way to offer his Towerview students a chance to explore technology. By securing funding from our foundation as well as other sources, he was able to purchase the kit with all materials, and enter a team into the competition. Students worked outside of regular classroom time to complete this project. Along the way, they gained valuagle life skills by working as a team to solve problems and figure out technological conepts.
Towerview Students in the Studios
--- Students learn from local artists who have studios at the Anderson Center, and also prepare a portfolio of their own work thanks to this grant.
The foundation continues to provide funding to add additional smartboards to classrooms at every building.